"I live in a world of stories. Through imagination I create visual narratives in new ways."

The role of the artist is to ask questions. Not to answer them.

Ian Vicknair is a matte painter with experience in film, commercial, games and freelance design.

Ian offers a unique worldview, having spent his childhood abroad in various international schools in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Having implemented this distinct perspective in his work, Ian has been featured in numerous Photoshop publications, live art exhibitions in the Louvre Museum in Paris, RAW shows, and is a regular contributor to online art groups.


Currently, Ian is a matte painter at Framestore in the New York Office. He is also focused on furthering his artistic education and growing his personal portfolio. His recent and upcoming projects include an animated short film entitled Moonlight Sonata and an experimental art film called Y-Axis.

Ian is always looking to grow his portfolio and collaborate with other talented artists. He offers competitive freelance rates for matte painting, various fields of design, and animation. If you can dream it, Ian can make it.



Hover – Film

What-If – Commercial

WarHeads – Commercial

Moviebill – Commercial

Decimated – Game